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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET commonly used in construction has certain requirements

Published date: 2023/6/10

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At present, the NANOMET ROOF SHEET commonly used in construction has certain requirements. Aluminum plate can not directly contact the ground, should be stored with the base material. If the surface is found to be dirty outdoors, it should be scrubbed clean as soon as possible, and dry in time after encountering water to avoid pollution and blackening. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the deformation of the roof, which may be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, and pay attention to the fact that the tension of the plate has been broken.

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The tightness and safety of the pipeline layout should also be considered, and the design of the stable support should be able to achieve good force and bring enough carrying space. The NANOMET ROOF SHEET can realize the imitation movement of the structure, and the skylight can directly connect the components. It is necessary to fully consider the sealing and stability functions between the connection points to achieve the function of free control design.

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When hoisting into bundles of NANOMET ROOF sheets, a boom is required, and the rope should be hoisted vertically with the aluminum SHEET and placed on the lifting point. A single bundle of aluminum plate should be carefully lifted, should not drag aluminum plate, should transport a single piece of aluminum plate. Depending on its length, it takes 6-15 people to carry it without deforming it.


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