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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET cutting and sealing construction precautions

Published date: 2023/2/28

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NANOMET ROOF SHEET cutting, for the special part of the shear insulation board, the steel tape is required to accurately measure the size, and then the heat insulation board flat on the ground, with steel ruler in the measurement of size, accurate to mm, do not allow roughly identical, random comparison; When cutting, press the tangent line with the steel plate ruler. First, gently cut the aluminum foil packaging on the surface with a paper cutter against the steel plate ruler, and then forcibly cut off the powder along the tangent line to cut off the aluminum foil packaging on the lower part of the thermal insulation felt;

84 lumber metal roofing

In the sealing process, cut the NANOMET ROOF SHEET, seal the incision with aluminum foil tape immediately to prevent powder leakage, and put the unused part gently flat in the spare place; Note: The two cuts should be immediately sealed with aluminum foil tape to prevent powder leakage and damage. For the heat insulation plate that needs to pass through the anchor parts, use a special paper cutter in the middle position of the alignment of the anchor parts, and be careful not to cut too much, nor deviate from the middle position of the anchor parts.

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As we all know, as building materials should have the minimum characteristics of water leakage, anti-aging, flame retardant insulation. As the NANOMET ROOF SHEET of the chemical plant house, it should have strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt spray resistance and solvent resistance.


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