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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET ensures that the surface does not condense

Published date: 2023/4/9

industrial metal roofing

Control the internal surface temperature of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET shell structure not lower than the indoor temperature to ensure that the surface does not condense.
Condensation and the cause of condensation because of the surface temperature of the object. In steel construction, metal coaming is connected to purlins by fasteners. Without special treatment, condensation can occur at metal joints. When there is a lining, due to the effect of cold bridge, the temperature of the lining is lowered, and water vapor is difficult to pass through the lining, so there are obvious water droplets on the lining.

metal roofing panel

NANOMET ROOF SHEET condensation danger, water vapor will make the surface drip, make the surface rust; Water vapor in contact with steel members can cause corrosion and shorten the life of the roof. Anti-condensation design, set up steam barrier: should be set in the water vapor inflow side, so the greenhouse should be arranged in the insulation layer, cold storage building should be arranged in the outer layer of insulation layer.

modern metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET adopts polypropylene sandwich rib veneer, but aluminum foil veneer is easy to rust when wet, should be avoided as far as possible. Provision of ventilation layer or ventilation channel: If there is a ventilation layer outside the insulation layer and between the roof panels, the steam from the indoor infiltration can be carried away by the air flow in constant exchange with the outdoor air, playing the role of air drying on the insulation layer.


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