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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET has been artificially accelerated for aging resistance

Published date: 2022/12/11

industrial metal roofing

There are some other anti-corrosion steel plastic plate manufacturers in the market, but the quality is uneven, and the actual market use case years are short. In addition, because the appearance of the anticorrosive steel plastic plate is not much different, and the service life of the product in various corrosive environments is the key, so the selection of composite materials and production process is very important. NANOMET ROOF SHEET can withstand weather, acid and alkali, high temperature and high humidity and other environments, and it carries out strict material selection and production process control. Otherwise, the product is prone to layering, powder and other quality problems.

10 ft metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET has been recognized for innovation in building materials and home furnishing industry through artificial accelerated aging resistance test, high temperature and humidity resistance test, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and fire rating test. The long-term market case verification proves that NANOMET ROOF SHEET can withstand acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and easy construction, which is very suitable for industrial plants in corrosive environment.

weathered copper metal roof

The NANOMET ROOF SHEET is made of 0.5mm thick galvanized steel plate as the base plate, and the positive and negative sides are combined with anti-corrosion and heat insulation film, with a total thickness of 0.70mm.


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