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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET is designed for a long span self supporting close fitting installation system

Published date: 2023/4/12

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NANOMET ROOF SHEET is a kind of metal roof. Its core structure is a special plate-shaped metal roof plate based on the design of vertical locking edge and vertical locking joint. This design is mainly aimed at long-span self-supporting close-fitting installation system. No perforations are visible on the metal ROOF because the NANOMET ROOF SHEET is supported in such a way that it is hidden under the panels.

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This kind of metal ROOF plate is connected by its unique aluminum alloy fixed support. The vertical locking of NANOMET ROOF SHEET plate and plate forms a close connection. The occlusal process of this plate does not require manpower, and is completely completed automatically by machinery. The joint mode formed by the occluding edge and the support can solve the plate stress caused by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the metal roof. This advantage is reflected in that the longitudinal ultra-long plate can be made without deformation due to the metal roof stress. At the same time, this metal roofing system complete accessories supply can meet the requirements of various building forms.

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NANOMET ROOF SHEET has proven itself to be an ideal choice for all kinds of roofing, commercial and public buildings through many years of use. The priority of all metal roofing is weatherproof function, this roofing system without exception completely solves this problem


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