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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET is resistant to corrosion and moisture

Published date: 2023/3/11

industrial metal roofing

In building development, the extensive use of roofs has become a characteristic of the architecture of this era. Among all kinds of wall decoration, NANOMET ROOF SHEET has become 70 percent of curtain wall construction in the world. It has corrosion resistance, moisture-proof and other properties, the following to introduce what advantages it made of roof.

metal roofing panel

Rich texture: The great thing about the NANOMET ROOF SHEET is that it has hundreds of textures. Can realize three-dimensional pattern, even according to their own personal preferences, customized different patterns. Different from the traditional wallpaper and paint decoration. It can make the roof decoration more flexible, realize the 3D wall effect, instantly improve the decorative style.

new metal roof

Environmental protection: The NANOMET ROOF SHEET developed by the company is characterized by environmental protection and no pollution. The color film on the surface is made of polymer structure, and the raw material is environmentally friendly. It has passed various harmless substance tests and EU ROHS tests, and is now the choice of material for curtain wall decoration. Moisture-proof and mildew proof: NANOMET ROOF SHEET has moisture-proof and mildew proof performance. Soaking in water will not absorb moisture, which can solve the problem of mildew caused by wall leakage in interior decoration in southern China during the rainy season.


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