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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET is tested according to the combustion performance of the building materials

Published date: 2022/12/6

agricultural metal roofing

In terms of fire safety, NANOMET ROOF SHEET is tested according to the classification of fire performance of building materials and products. In the quality inspection center of fire retardant building materials, the fire performance has reached grade A fire prevention, which can meet the requirements of building fire prevention. The appearance of NANOMET ROOF SHEET solves all the problems of color steel tile. The fine steel anti-corrosion plate uses a new concept and technology, and takes high strength special steel plate or aluminum plate as the base plate.

galvanized sheet metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET now appears on the market more roof tiles, easy to install, bright color, high strength, can be used as the sheet weight of the enclosure structure, but the wind resistance of the color steel tile is relatively weak, and in the corrosive environment easy to rust corrosion, the service life is between 2-3 years, So down to replace the roof is a time-consuming and laborious thing.

metal roofing that looks like clay tile

NANOMET ROOF SHEET composite anti-corrosion film on both sides, resistant to high temperature and humidity, acid and alkali corrosion, resistant to various chemical media, no rust and no water in all kinds of strong corrosion environment, realize the combination of high efficiency heat insulation and durable anticorrosion at the same time.


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