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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET preservative coating intermediate requires four ingredients

Published date: 2023/5/16

agricultural metal roofing

After evenly mixing p-methylphenol, potassium carbonate, dimethyl sulfate and acetone, the intermediates of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anticorrosive layer were prepared by stirring reflux for 3-5h at a rotational speed of 150-200r/min and a temperature of 90-100℃. The intermediates, potassium permanganate and deionized water were evenly mixed. Under the condition of 110-120℃, the reflux reaction for 4-5h, the intermediate was prepared, the intermediate and dichlorosulfoxide were mixed evenly, and the rotation speed was 150-200r/min.

zinc sheet metal roofing

Under the condition of 80-85℃, the reflux reaction was carried out for 8-10h, then the dichlorosulfolone was removed by distillation, and the diazo liquid was added. Under the condition of 200-300r/min, 5-10℃ and 8-10 ph value, the reaction was carried out for 1-1.5h. The intermediate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anticorrosive layer was prepared. The intermediates, hydrogen bromide solution and tetrahydrofuran were mixed evenly, and the intermediates were prepared by reflux reaction for 3-5h at the temperature of 120-130℃.

trapezoidal metal roof

After mixing the intermediate, ethanol and sodium hydroxide solution evenly, hydrazine hydrate was added under the condition of 150-200r/min and 80-90℃ for reaction for 5-8h. After adjusting the ph value of the reaction solution to 8, the intermediates of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anticorrosive layer were prepared. The intermediates, intermediates,n, n-dimethylformamide, sodium hydroxide mixed evenly, in the rotational speed of 300-500r/min, the temperature of 40-50℃ under the condition of reaction for 3-5h, to prepare the anti-aging agent.


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