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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET selects different filling materials according to the height of the wind load on the wall and the size of the glass

Published date: 2023/6/2

agricultural metal roofing

According to the wind load height of the wall and the size of the glass, double-sided tape with low foaming interval can be selected. When the wind load of the wall is greater than 1.8N/m2, the double-sided tape with low foaming interval of polyurethane and ethanol of medium hardness should be selected for NANOMET ROOF SHEET. When the wall wind load is less than or equal to 1.8N/m2, the NANOMET ROOF SHEET should adopt polyethylene low-foaming interval double-sided tape.

steel metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET can be filled with polyethylene foamed material whose density shall not be less than 0.037g/cm2. The roof should be made of non-combustible or refractory materials such as rock wool, mineral wool, glass wool and fire-proof board as heat insulation and insulation materials. At the same time, composite materials packed with aluminum foil or plastic film should be used as waterproof and moisture-proof materials.

hawaiian blue metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET is a kind of aluminum and magnesium high resistance alloy, its bending strength and impact resistance is more than 2 times higher than pure magnesium plate, has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and strong weldability. It has good application prospect in aviation and shipbuilding industry.


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