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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET solves the corrosive gas problem of silicon

Published date: 2022/11/28

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Silicon is a chemical element formerly known as silicon. There are two allotropes of amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Silicon is also a very common element. However, it rarely occurs in nature as a single substance. Instead, it takes the form of complex silicates or silicon dioxide and is widely found in rocks, gravel and dust. The NANOMET ROOF SHEET solves the corrosive gas problem.

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Silicon field in the production of silicate or silicon dioxide in the process of how much will produce some corrosive gas, which is very destructive to the plant, the use of ordinary color steel tile 1-2 years will rust water leakage, the replacement of plant roof tile something time consuming things, But the NANOMET ROOF SHEET, a new generation of roof tiles for the plant, has solved this awkward problem!

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In the anti-corrosion treatment of the incision, the NANOMET ROOF SHEET will use special anti-corrosion coating on the section of the tile surface to brush a layer to make the section better sealing. In addition to this anti-corrosion treatment, the anti-corrosion steel plate is also equipped with special anti-rust screws. Anti-corrosion steel plate with fine steel special anti-rust screws, can better and more comprehensive anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and comprehensively strengthen the service life of the roof and wall of the workshop, is the ideal building materials for all kinds of steel structure workshop.


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