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The new green environmental protection and energy saving product is NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2023/1/25

industrial metal roofing

As a new green environmental protection and energy saving product -NANOMET ROOF SHEET, under the current severe environmental protection environment, it has a longer service life and a longer maintenance and replacement life. It is suitable for the construction of factory buildings and the maintenance and transformation of old factory buildings, and has been welcomed by many enterprises. Each purlin, each tile needs to be installed evenly at least 4 sets of self-tapping nails, to be fixed on the crest. At the longitudinal edge, each crest should be fixed to the purlin with tapping nails.

12 ft metal roofing

When installing self-tapping nails, special pressure pad should be used in NANOMET ROOF SHEET. The tightness of nut should be moderate, but not too tight. Timber purlins should be fixed with special wooden nails. When cutting anticorrosive tiles, use a circular fine saw. Drilling: Drill holes with electric drill, and then fix tiles with self-tapping. Drill holes 2mm larger than the lead screw used. Wrong drilling can be filled with PVC special adhesive.

heat proof tiles for roof

Storage and handling of NANOMET ROOF SHEET: storage on a plane, the length of the plane is not less than the length of watts and placed smoothly. Different waveform tile can not be stacked together, with the waveform tile stacked short tile should be placed on the long tile. Store in a cool place for stacking or long-term storage. When handling, attention should be paid to avoid breaking or grinding, scratching the surface and affecting the normal use.


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