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The outer surface treatment of NANOMET ROOF SHEET includes two categories unpainted natural products and painted products

Published date: 2023/4/19

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET non-painted products: hammer pattern aluminum alloy plate (no regular pattern), embossing plate (through mechanical embossing physical way, forming regular pattern); Pre-passivated alumina surface treatment plate. Such products do not paint on the surface of the plate, the appearance of the surface requirements are not high, the price is lower.

fabral metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET products: according to the coating process, it can be divided into spraying plate products and roll coated plate; According to the type of paint can be divided into: polyester, polyamine, polyamide, modified silicone, epoxy resin, fluorocarbon and so on, as far as possible to prolong the paint resistance to the aging under the action of ultraviolet sunlight, among which PVDF coating (fluorocarbon coating) has the best anti-aging performance, it is currently known to human ultraviolet resistance of the strongest organic synthesis.

terracotta metal roof

Fluorocarbon coated NANOMET ROOF SHEET, according to different quality requirements, adopts horizontal automatic two coating two baking, three coating three baking and four coating four baking roll coating process, the pre-coated PVDF coating, resin content ranging from 70%-80%, on the high-speed continuous unit through chemical pretreatment, initial coating, fine coating and other processes of roller coating. The front coating is generally 25μm, and the back is coated with anticorrosive paint.


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