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The selection of NANOMET ROOF SHEET plays an important role in the initial investment cost and long term earnings

Published date: 2022/10/20

agricultural metal roofing

Now, I would like to recommend a new material to you, it is NANOMET ROOF SHEET, it is a new generation of factory roof and wall building material, with outstanding heat insulation performance, can effectively save energy and heat preservation. It has been proved by practical use that its specular silver reflection coefficient is as high as 81%, and it can reflect light and heat effectively. At the same time, the use of composite material has very low thermal conductivity, as low as 2.93W/m.k, and the thermal conductivity of color steel tile plate is 41W/m.k. Benefiting from this two-point performance, this tile has excellent heat insulation and heat preservation properties.

zinc sheet metal roofing

The selection of building type, insulation material and thickness of NANOMET ROOF SHEET plays an important role in the initial investment cost and long-term income. Cheap materials can reduce the initial investment. But quality materials are more likely to bring long-term operational benefits. In advocating energy saving and emission reduction today, energy saving has become the theme of social development, the construction of energy saving cold storage has become the development direction of cold storage industry, choose anticorrosive tile is your ideal choice!

galvalume standing seam metal roof

In the process of purchasing NANOMET ROOF SHEET, the price is very important. So, how do we judge whether the price of the antiseptic tile is reasonable?


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