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The special features of nano silicon composite thermal break NANOMET Roof Sheet

Published date: 2022/9/4

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NANOMET Roof Sheet shingle shell is generally used perlite, silicate, calcium silicate or microporous calcium silicate shingle shell, this kind of shingle shell main material is perlite and calcium silicate plus water glass glue pressed, so high thermal conductivity, brittle texture, fragile, short service life. The purpose is to solve the existing shingle shell high thermal conductivity, brittle texture, fragile shortage, to provide a low thermal conductivity system, toughness, not fragile, long service life of nano silicon composite heat break shingle shell and its preparation method.

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The special feature of NANOMET Roof Sheet is that it includes the following weight components: 15-20 parts of fiber cotton, 120-180 parts of glass bead, 5-10 parts of drift bead, 5-10 parts of attapulgite hydrosol, 5-8 parts of silica hydrosol. Fiber cotton is a combination of any one or any two or three kinds of loose high silicon oxygen cotton, glass fiber cotton and ceramic fiber cotton.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet multi-layer pressure composite anticorrosion technology, durable acid and alkali corrosion resistance, in strong corrosive environment can be used for more than 15 years. It is an ideal building material for all kinds of corrosive environment workshop and warehouse, including chemical plants, livestock farms, ceramics factories, casting factories and so on.

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