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The strength and stiffness performance indexes were used to judge the construction quality of NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2023/2/1

industrial metal roofing

We usually use strength, stiffness and other performance indicators to judge the quality of anticorrosive tile products, NANOMET ROOF SHEET positioning, marking, according to the requirements of the program, determine the need to cut the position, with ink line pop. When cutting, it is necessary to reserve the flood height of artificial bending. On the premise of feasible conditions, the generation of debris should be reduced as far as possible to prevent its pollution and falling into the workshop room.

old metal roofing

The removal and cleaning of NANOMET ROOF SHEET should be carried out immediately after the cutting is completed. After the removal, it should be cut off in sections to facilitate handling. In the process of handling, knock should be avoided as far as possible. Additional purlin cutting: Additional purlins need to be cut by hand mill, strictly prohibited the use of acetylene cutting, to prevent high temperature burn out.

batten seam metal roof

All the above construction steps are carried out under the condition of protection, and the operators must remember the protective belt. The construction steps of NANOMET ROOF SHEET, in addition to positioning according to its requirements, and cleaning matters in the later period, must be done well, which is also to ensure its service quality and life.


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