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The thermal conductivity of NANOMET Roof Sheet is only 0.169 degrees

Published date: 2022/7/31

industrial metal roofing

The performance of NANOMET Roof Sheet has a lot of heat insulation, specific examples are as follows:
In terms of energy saving, NANOMET Roof Sheet has no heat absorption and very good heat insulation effect, which can greatly improve the working environment of workers, save a lot of ventilation equipment and power consumption, save costs, reduce production costs, and improve economic efficiency.

heat insulation upvc roofing sheet

In terms of heat insulation, NANOMET Roof Sheet has been measured that its thermal conductivity is only 0.169 degrees, so it is especially suitable for industrial plant and civil Roof.

heat proof tiles for roof

For durability. NANOMET Roof Sheet through wear resistance test, service life of more than 15 years, the product has good impact resistance, impact force per square meter up to 300KG without cracking, peeling and cracks.
In terms of wind protection, NANOMET Roof Sheet has a certain self-weight, its weight meets international standards, and its material strength is high, which can resist the typhoon and protect life and property.

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