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Transportation cost that affects the price of fluorocarbon NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2023/6/24

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When leaving the factory for transportation, it is strictly prohibited to turn the product upside down, and strictly follow the placement direction indicated on the fluorocarbon NANOMET ROOF SHEET. Can not be directly transported by forklift or wire rope, need to use a special lifting, so as not to damage the tile. The loading vehicle must be cleaned and rubber seals or special transport vehicles laid to maintain the stability and soundness of the shingles.

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When taking the NANOMET ROOF SHEET, never pull it, otherwise the notch burr of the steel plate will damage the next steel plate. When removing and assembling steel plates, place them gently to prevent them from touching other hard objects. The paint film has high toughness, impact resistance, flexural resistance and wear resistance. According to the different paint structure and harsh environment, the light color loss of fluorocarbon coatings in 10 to 30 years has no significant difference within the error range allowed by the naked eye, providing a protective barrier for the basic material.

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The fluorocarbon coated aluminum magnesium and manganese plate added to the NANOMET ROOF SHEET process has low maintenance and self-cleaning carbon coating surface energy, and the surface dust can be self-cleaned by rain. It has excellent hydrophobicity, minimal friction coefficient, and will not stick to dust and scale, and good anti-fouling property.


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