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What are the characteristics of metal tiles

Published date: 2021/2/21

With the rapid development of technology. We are also paying more and more attention to the protection and development of ancient buildings. Antique building materials are also diversified, removing traditional soil and wood materials. Metal technology has also been further developed. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of metal tiles.

1. Light weight, environmentally friendly and economical, only about 5KG-10KG per square meter, which can minimize the weight load of the building.

2. Safe and firm. The roof system has strong resistance to heavy rain, snow and wind due to its unique waterproof and windproof design and nail fixing installation technology.

3. Long service life and superior performance.

The metal itself is made of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy or copper plate as the base material. It has high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, strong impact resistance, etc., and has a long service life, maintenance-free environmental protection material.

4. Fast construction. The metal tile has a large area, light weight, and is easy to handle. Dry construction can also be used in the low temperature season, which improves the construction efficiency and shortens the construction period.

6. Economical and practical. Metal tiles improve the quality of the entire building, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, and maintenance-free.

7. Strong adaptability. It can be used to use wood frame, steel frame and concrete roof. It is suitable for all kinds of buildings, especially the "flat slope roof reconstruction" project. The surface of the metal tile is treated with fluorocarbon paint, which is rich in color, not easy to fade, beautiful in appearance, and strong in three-dimensionality, which improves the decorative effect of the roof and the harmony between the building and the environment.

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