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What are the factors to consider when installing photovoltaic on the NANOMET ROOF SHEET of the workshop

Published date: 2022/10/8

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With the rapid development of distributed photovoltaic, the roof as the most important carrier for the installation of distributed photovoltaic, its importance is self-evident. In addition to the installation of PV on residential roofs, the most widespread distributed PV installation is on factory roofs. The plant ROOF is generally divided into cement flat ROOF and color steel tile ROOF. At present, the NANOMET ROOF SHEET plant with the fastest development of distributed photovoltaic is the most numerous type.

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Strictly speaking, the following factors should be considered in the installation of photovoltaic on the ROOF of NANOMET ROOF SHEET factory:
1. Whether the service life of the roof tile of the workshop can reach the minimum life required by the photovoltaic power station. General color steel tile every 10-15 years need to be replaced once, and distributed photovoltaic power generation project is a long-term project, usually the application life to reach more than 25 years, so for photovoltaic power generation roof system requirements are also very high, to have the corresponding warranty life.

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2. Whether the load bearing capacity of the workshop roof can meet the standard requirements of distributed photovoltaic power station. NANOMET ROOF SHEET plant in the condition of full spread components required bearing capacity: 0.15KN/㎡. Plants that do not meet this target need to be strengthened.
3. Requirements for roof waterproofing after photovoltaic installation. If the owner has high waterproof requirements for the roof, or the roof is old, it is necessary to do waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment on the roof before installation.


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