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What details should be paid attention to when purchasing NANOMET ROOF SHEET for the workshop

Published date: 2023/1/28

agricultural metal roofing

Because of the influence of material characteristics, in the purchase of workshop with NANOMET ROOF SHEET need to pay attention to the following details: 1, large span of workshop (generally refers to the span of more than 20 meters of workshop) roof is recommended to choose the anti-corrosion tile peak height, so as to drain water when the precipitation is large. 2. The workshop roof with wide purlin distance should choose a small vertical plane anticorrosive tile to increase the strength.

16 foot metal roofing

3, the temperature of the workshop below 90 degrees is recommended to choose NANOMET ROOF SHEET, more than 90 degrees can be FRP anticorrosive tile. 4, for the color, in the absence of color requirements, it is recommended to use a light color is white anticorrosive tile, reduce sunlight UV inhalation, so as to reduce the temperature of the roof. 5, the recommended length of the tile sheet is not more than 8 meters. When the temperature changes, there is enough room for thermal expansion and cold contraction.

rooftop tiles for heat protection

So what kind of building roofing material should we choose for the construction of workshop and warehouse? NANOMET ROOF SHEET produced by the company has a variety of wall and roof maintenance building materials is worth your choice. It is a variety of materials composite laminate to form anti-corrosion composite material, to achieve the characteristics of no rust and no water leakage.


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