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What do you know about heat insulation with NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2022/11/12

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What do you know about the NANOMET ROOF SHEET? Maybe a lot of partners do not understand, but it doesn't matter, now the welfare is coming, it is necessary to share with you, I hope to have a little help to you.
Let's learn what insulation is. It refers to a material that can block the transfer of heat, also known as thermal insulation. Traditional insulation materials, such as glass fiber, asbestos, rock wool, silicate and so on.

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Although these materials are made of materials with low heat transfer coefficient, they are bulky, difficult to construct, high cost, and do not have the ability to reflect and radiation, so the insulation effect is limited. When the temperature of the roof tile rises in hot summer weather, a large amount of radiant heat enters the room, resulting in a continuous rise in temperature, making the working and living environment harsh. When the winter weather is cold, the temperature of the roof tile drops, resulting in a continuous decline in indoor temperature. What do you know about the NANOMET ROOF SHEET?

metal roofing that looks like clay tile

NANOMET ROOF SHEET multi-layer composite anticorrosive technology, with modified polyester, ASA/PMMA co-extrusion film, PVDF and other anticorrosive functional materials, tile has good anticorrosive performance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to all kinds of chemical media, light and heat reflection coefficient is up to high.


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