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What is the basis for the connection of the grid ball nodes to the NANOMET ROOF SHEET roofing system

Published date: 2023/6/17

agricultural metal roofing

The main purlin support plate is the foundation of the connection between the grid ball node and the NANOMET ROOF SHEET roof system, and is the main component to adjust the installation error of the grid. The height of the main purlin support board should be determined according to the measurement data obtained during the site payout and roof positioning, so that the roof purlin can have sufficient adjustment space.

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Purlins are placed horizontally or longitudinally according to the NANOMET ROOF SHEET, and the main purlin and purlin are welded together. Before welding, check that the top face of the purlin being installed is flush with the top face of the adjacent installed purlin. The height difference of the adjacent purlin top surface is within 3~5mm, pay attention to the difference between the purlin section and the direction of placement in the gutter to prevent installation errors.

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After each node is installed with purlin correction, the pull rod and purlin support are installed in time to form a stable NANOMET ROOF SHEET purlin structural system. The bottom plate is used to support the thermal insulation foam and is also used as the ceiling layer. All shingles require regular arrangement of screws, and the bottom plate is attached to the main purlin with screws.


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