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What is the structure of NANOMET ROOF SHEET material

Published date: 2023/3/5

industrial metal roofing

The characteristics of NANOMET ROOF SHEET material itself, let's briefly analyze what kind of structure it is. As the name suggests, it is made of metal, and metal is divided into many kinds. In general, the cost-effective metal is aluminum alloy metal plate. If you want something better, you can choose copper. In order to make up for some deficiencies in the physical properties of the metal, it is usually done in the decoration of isolation treatment.

rolled metal roofing

Ordinary wall is just a simple adobe room with putty powder and other materials, age will inevitably be affected by the weather. Because of its own characteristics, the NANOMET ROOF SHEET has little to do with the high temperature environment and long-term rain in summer. It can well protect the wall, prevent mildew and prolong the life of the building.

weathered copper metal roof

The NANOMET ROOF SHEET is healthy and safe. When it is used as a decorative wall, and when it is used as a normal wall, it is more resistant to fire. And when it is used as interior wall decoration, the release of formaldehyde is zero, and is not easy to breed bacteria. Although time can make the ordinary wall formaldehyde dissipate, but the waiting time is longer, and it does not exclude the situation of inhaling trace formaldehyde, so the metal plate is more healthy and safe.


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