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What problems should be paid attention to when metal tile surface is waterproof

Published date: 2021/2/10

The metal tile should be well waterproof and drainage measures should be taken to maintain the normal indoor environment to prevent rain and snow from invading. Regarding the waterproof structure of different parts, the requirements for waterproof raw materials also have different key points. The specific requirements are as follows:

Regarding the waterproofing of metal tiles, the bottom layer should be cleaned before painting, and the bottom layer should be thoroughly dried to prevent the paint surface from peeling off, and the roller should be completed. The coated roof should be layered. After the bottom is drilled, a layer of paint can be applied. When pouring concrete for a rigid roof and vibrating, the ratio must be accurate. Prevent waterproof construction in rainy days. The cold drawn steel wire should be placed in the upper middle of the concrete.

Precautions for waterproof construction of metal tile:

1. The rainy weather can prevent the raw materials and heat insulation structure from rolling.

2. The flat layer of the coil waterproof layer must meet the material requirements and meet the standards stipulated by law.

3. Regarding the joints, grooves, interceptors, ridges, rolling joints and roof top joints of metal tile roofs, relevant regulations should be carefully formulated in accordance with planning guidelines and roofing engineering technology, such as closing, compacting and fastening ends.

4. When laying rolling materials, avoid excessive tension and wrinkles. The exhaust air between the bottom layer and the rolling material should be sufficient. After the discharge is placed on the horizontal end, a roller should be used to cool the raw material.

5. Straighten the width and opening of the coil connector, and construct in strict accordance with the markings on the bottom.

6. When laying the insulating layer, protect the waterproof layer.

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