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Whether the thickness of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET is a factor determining its mass

Published date: 2023/1/4

agricultural metal roofing

In daily life, it is a very important ROOF anticorrosive building materials, so how should we judge the quality of anticorrosive tile? For NANOMET ROOF SHEET, whether the thickness of the thickness is a factor to determine the quality of anticorrosive tile? The thickness of anticorrosive tile is determined according to user needs. The conventional thickness is above 1.5mm and the service life is about 15 years. Uneven thickness will lead to a 50% discount on the service life.

rusted metal roofing

Good quality NANOMET ROOF SHEET, uniform thickness, delicious color, 1 meter roof anticorrosive board weight is about 2 kg weight, the above weight is only for reference, the actual weight call consultation, the model is not the same, the weight is not the same. There is also a direct relationship between the thickness of anticorrosive tile and the quality of anticorrosive tile,

weathered copper metal roof

Crack down on fakes and integrate the market: "fake anticorrosive tiles" mimic the NANOMET ROOF SHEET manufacturing process, appearance, but the actual quality is uneven. The raw materials are poor and the production is rough. Lead to corrosion proof tile is easy to damage, there will be falling off, drum, deformation and other problems, and the use of the process of strength and moisture-proof performance will be reduced.


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