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Why are people more inclined to use the environmentally friendly and energy saving new aluminum foil NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2022/9/16

agricultural metal roofing

From the comparison, it is not difficult to see that NANOMET ROOF SHEET is the product with the best performance and better cost performance among many thermal insulation tile products. It is a new generation of ROOF tile and wall material used in factory building, which is compared with the traditional thermal insulation tile and updates the aluminum foil tile to improve its overall performance. So what kind of product is NANOMET ROOF SHEET?

old metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET is made of high-strength special steel plates, laminated corrosion resistant aluminum foil, and anti-aging polyester or fluorocarbon coating to provide heat insulation and corrosion resistance. It has been proved by application that the insulation effect of this tile is better than that of other insulation tiles. The reflection performance of the specular silver of the specific composite to light and heat is up to 81%, which can greatly reduce the workshop temperature.

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Compared with the standard workshop, the NANOMET ROOF SHEET workshop can cool more than 8 degrees Celsius in summer. In addition, tile anti corrosion performance is more prominent, which fully benefits from the unique multi-layer pressure composite anti-corrosion technology, at the same time tile also has good acid and alkali resistance, ammonia resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. Shingles can last more than 10 years in corrosive environments.


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