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Why choose NANOMET Roof Sheet for silicon field

Published date: 2022/8/29

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When NANOMET Roof Sheet is doing the anti-corrosion treatment of the incision, it will use the special anti-corrosion coating of fine steel to brush a layer on the section of the product to make the sealing of the section better. In addition to this anti-corrosion treatment, the product is also equipped with special anti-rust screws of fine steel. NANOMET Roof Sheet with fine steel special rust prevention screws, can better and more comprehensive rust and corrosion prevention, comprehensively strengthen the service life of the Roof and wall of the plant, is an ideal building material for all kinds of steel structure plant.

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Silicon is a chemical element, formerly known as silicon. There are two allotropes of amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Silicon is also a very common element. However, it rarely appears in nature in the form of simple materials, but in the form of complex silicate or silica, which widely exists in rocks, gravel and dust. Why choose NANOMET Roof Sheet for silicon field?

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The silicon field will produce some corrosive gases in the process of producing silicate or silicon dioxide, which is very destructive to the factory. The ordinary tile will rust and leak after 1-2 years. Replacing the Roof tile of the factory is time-consuming and energy consuming.

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