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Why is Spanish Roof Tile so popular metal tiles roofing factory

Published date: 2021/4/8

Spanish Roof Tile is the abstract use of small arches, cultural stone exterior walls, red sloped roofs, arc cornices and other symbols. From curved walls to balconies, as well as iron and pottery pendants, they all reflect the Mediterranean climate of Spain. Features. The arches and vents with strong Spanish style, combined with cultural stones and hand-plastered walls, also reflect the strong Spanish color. Building materials generally feel that they are relatively old and original, but they are very compatible and ecological. Like terracotta, the ceramic clay is fired in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving way, which brings a relatively small burden on the earth. It is more suitable for the concept of saving, energy saving and emission reduction advocated by modern society.

The increasingly mature villa consumer market has made product culture and heritage the focus of most villa consumer groups. The enthusiastic Spanish style is bound to gain the favor of more high-end residential consumer groups because of its unique architectural art and leading architectural achievements in Western Europe and the world.

Material selection characteristics of Spanish villas: The roof is covered with red terracotta, giving the building a very high individual style. The red terracotta roof is permeated with this refreshing Mediterranean style. The shapes of the terracotta tiles are patchy and rhythmic, with a special aesthetic feeling. Terracotta is a building material that has been used by mankind for thousands of years. It is characterized by simplicity, an "old" word, and a prominent sense of history. The villa embodies the identity and status of the consumer group, and compares the pursuit of quality of life and housing quality. It happens to complement the Spanish Roof Tile, embodies the new lifestyle and new spatial feelings, and brings the satisfaction of higher pursuits.

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