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Why NANOMET ROOF SHEET was chosen for the marina

Published date: 2022/10/6

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Rather than spend money again and again to rust removing paint of caigang watts, it is better to fundamentally solve the problem, replace NANOMET ROOF SHEET, which USES multilayer composite anticorrosion technology, corrosion resistant alloy in aluminum foil, modified polyester film, fluorocarbon coating materials such as laminated to form corrosion resistant composite material, to achieve the performance characteristics of rust is not leaking.

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Under corrosive environment, NANOMET ROOF SHEET is guaranteed for more than 10 years. Under ordinary environment, the service life can reach 15 or even 20 years. It greatly saves the maintenance cost in the later period, and is your best choice! It is applied to the working platform of ship repairing and building in the shipyard, and the place of ship repairing and building. In a shipyard, the site and facilities used for repairing and repairing ships are processed manually. The construction and overhaul of ships are carried out in the shipyard.

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Why NANOMET ROOF SHEET was chosen for the marina? Dock roof and wall due to the proximity of the sea, the sea water is very corrosive, general color steel plate is difficult to resist. Common color steel tile is easy to rust, affecting the appearance. For marinas built on the beach, rusty roofs and walls not only greatly affect the seaside view, but also create water leakage problems. Moreover, the operation difficulty and cost of shipyard maintenance and roof replacement are relatively large.


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