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In summer NANOMET Roof Sheet can cool more than 15 degrees than other Roof workshops

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NANOMET Roof Sheet, also known as coated shingle, is a new generation of anti-corrosion and heat insulation factory Roof material. NANOMET Roof Sheet (ivory white) has a light and heat reflection efficiency of up to 81%, and a low thermal conductivity of 2.93W/M.K., compared with other tiles of 40W/M.K. It provides better insulation and cooling. The actual use of verification, summer high temperature compared with other tile workshop can be lowered more than 15 degrees.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet insulation on the market is generally divided into two categories: porous materials and heat reflective materials.

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Due to the low thermal conductivity of air gas in the pores contained in the porous material, NANOMET Roof Sheet achieves the effect of heat insulation, such as foam materials, fiber materials, etc.
NANOMET Roof Sheet thermal reflective materials with high reflection coefficient, can reflect heat away, such as gold, silver, nickel, aluminum foil or gold plated polyester, polyimide film, etc.

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