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NANOMET Roof Sheet can greatly extend the service life of the plant and reduce the comprehensive investment cost

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/7/29

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET Roof Sheet is a common material for roofs because of its good drainage performance. The finished product is easy to install, lightweight, filling system is also the use of closed bubble molecular structure, can prevent condensation of water vapor. Used in other ordinary plant, can greatly extend the service life of the plant, reduce the comprehensive investment cost.

simulated clay tile metal roofing panels

NANOMET Roof Sheet can also be used as a terminal, maintenance depot, station and transportation hub, conference and exhibition center, sports venues, exhibition halls, factories, clubs, public entertainment facilities, shopping centers, commercial facilities, residential buildings and villas and other projects.

metal roof that looks like tile

The outer layer of NANOMET Roof Sheet is formed with full consideration of the structure and strength requirements, and taking into account the aesthetics. The inner layer is formed as a flat plate to meet various needs. NANOMET Roof Sheet is made of fiberglass, resin and other materials rolled into shape. It is insulated by asbestos, which makes it highly insulated and more suitable for use in coastal areas.

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