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NANOMET Roof Sheet has the effect of heat insulation to effectively improve the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor

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agricultural metal roofing

NANOMET Roof Sheet adopts excellent metal plate as substrate material, the first layer is anti-aging PET, The second layer is brand anti-aging adhesive layer, the third layer is Actinochemistry layer, the fourth layer is aluminum layer, and the fifth layer is brand adhesive Layer, the sixth layer is actinochemistry layer, the seventh layer is high polymer layer, the eighth layer is galvanized steel.

galvanized corrugated metal roofing

The upper and lower materials of NANOMET Roof Sheet can effectively block ultraviolet rays of the sun, block part of the heat, and the special heat insulation cold film can absorb or reflect solar heat to avoid heat transfer to the intermediate metal layer, thus playing the role of heat insulation and effectively improve the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

what is galvalume standing seam metal roof?

NANOMET Roof Sheet has the functions of noise reduction, flame retardant, strong weather resistance and no fading. NANOMET Roof Sheet's steel structure is designed to enclose metal heat insulation panels, which are suitable for all kinds of projects requiring high indoor temperature comfort.


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