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NANOMET Roof Sheet has three times the thermal insulation performance of traditional materials

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/7/25

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Market competition is the law of the jungle, and the vast majority of market resources are in the hands of high-quality products. There are a large number of enterprises producing anticorrosive tiles, but their competitiveness is not strong. Therefore, NANOMET Roof Sheet should focus on building its core competitiveness. Although the type of anti-corrosion tiles in the number of advantages, but still in the quality of continuous improvement.

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Excellent features of NANOMET Roof Sheet: Low thermal conductivity: thermal insulation performance is 3-4 times that of traditional materials. High thermal insulation performance just match it, low cost, light weight, good thermal insulation performance, convenient installation, bright outfit beautiful, dark outfit can improve the ceiling height, high space utilization rate. Especially suitable for villas, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, offices and so on.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet has good high temperature characteristics, which can be used for a long time under the high temperature of 1000 degrees, and the shrinkage rate is less than 2%. Good heat insulation, low specific heat, low heat storage, thermal shock resistance.

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