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NANOMET Roof Sheet introduces the advantages of thermal and thermal insulation

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/8/4

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In the pore characteristics of NANOMET Roof Sheet, under the same porosity condition, the larger the pore scale, the higher the thermal conductivity; The connected NANOMET Roof Sheet pores have higher thermal conductivity than the closed ones, and the higher the closed porosity, the lower the thermal conductivity.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet has a small bulk density. Bulk density is a direct reflection of the porosity of the data, because the thermal conductivity of the gas phase is usually smaller than that of the solid phase, so the thermal insulation data usually have a high porosity, that is, a small bulk density. In general, increasing porosity or decreasing bulk density will lead to the decrease of thermal conductivity. For the data with small apparent density, especially the fibrous data, when the apparent density is lower than a certain limit, the thermal conductivity will increase. There is a better apparent density for this kind of data, that is, the thermal conductivity is small at this apparent density.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet data granularity is small. At room temperature, the thermal conductivity of loose granular data decreases with the decrease of particle size. When the particle size is large, the size of the void between particles increases, and the thermal conductivity of the air must increase. In addition, the smaller the particle size is, the less the thermal conductivity is affected by the temperature change.

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