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NANOMET Roof Sheet is suitable for medium and high end factories with high thermal insulation requirements

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/7/28

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NANOMET Roof Sheet: Corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, can be used in any acid and alkali environment. It has a long life: the service life can reach more than 15 years, which is the longest service life of similar products. Its comprehensive cost is low: long service life and heat insulation energy saving performance, decide its comprehensive application cost is far lower than similar products.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet Extension: unlimited extension. Its reflected sunlight: reflected sunlight, rapid heat dissipation, heat insulation three characteristics integrated, can achieve good heat insulation effect.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet Application: Used in electroplating, chemical industry, papermaking, aquaculture, leather, printing and dyeing, high temperature, casting and other serious corrosion environment, because of its excellent acid and alkali resistance, it has incomparable advantages, will not affect the service life of the product. Reflective surface anti-corrosion and heat insulation, the reflection of sunlight, rapid heat dissipation, heat insulation of the three characteristics of integration, suitable for high insulation requirements of the middle and high-end workshop, residential buildings, warehouses, large shopping malls and other building roof materials.

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