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NANOMET Roof Sheet Production process

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/8/12

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In NANOMET Roof Sheet, galvanized color steel plate, nano-silica gel film, nano-gallium oxide film and polymer composite film are all placed in the coil Sheet lamination production line. The bottom layer is galvanized color steel plate, the second layer is nano-silica gel film, the third layer is nano-gallium oxide film, and the fourth layer is polymer composite film. Then the semi-finished NANOMET Roof Sheet heating oven temperature is heated to 200℃-220℃, using the upper and lower drum pressure will be the four layers of film composite paste on the galvanized aluminum plate;

10 ft metal roofing

Then the pasted semi-finished NANOMET Roof Sheet is transported into the cooling machine, and the Sheet is cooled quickly by air cooling, and the Sheet is rolled into a roll by the receiving machine; Finally, the nano steel ultra-thin galvanized color steel plate with composite film is placed in the standard pressure tile and pressed into the tile shape required by customers.

ridge cap for corrugated metal roof

Both sides of the nano gallium oxide film are coated with UV glue, and a layer of PC film is pasted on the outer surface of the UV glue on both sides of the nano silica gel film. NANOMET Roof Sheet is a Sheet of galvanized steel Sheet over 70 grams per square meter.
Polymer composite film using polyamide film coil material.

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