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NANOMET Roof Sheets nanomaterial layer is resistant to weather and acid and alkali

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NANOMET Roof Sheet is a composite metal plate, including: substrate, polymer conversion layer, spectral selection of reflective insulation layer, nanomaterial layer (weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance protective layer). It is a cost-effective building Roof and exterior wall material, which meets the needs of modern construction industry with a variety of performance combination of materials. Because of its good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention to a greater extent to play different components of the material mechanics, chemical and other comprehensive performance.

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What is nano?
A: a nanometer is a unit of length, about how long. For example, if you divide a hair into 50,000 longitudinal parts, each part is about 1 nanometer thick. NANOMET Roof Sheet's nanomaterial layer is resistant to weather and acid and alkali.

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Generally speaking, nano represents a technological innovation, represents a new material innovation in a certain field, in a certain physical and chemical properties to reach another height. The NANOMET Roof Sheet is an innovation that takes anti-corrosion insulation to a nanoscale level.

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