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Notes for NANOMET Roof Sheet Construction (1)

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/7/13

industrial metal roofing

1. Positioning: According to the shape of NANOMET Roof Sheet, choose a reasonable paste position, try not to cut or penetrate, and keep the integrity of NANOMET Roof Sheet to save materials;

14 ft metal roofing

2. Alignment: In order to keep the NANOMET Roof Sheet of the upper opening part of the heat insulation layer neat, the construction line of the upper part shall be aligned; NANOMET Roof Sheet should be close to each other, and the gap should be as small as possible in principle.

weathered copper metal roof

3. Cutting: When cutting the NANOMET Roof Sheet, it is required to accurately measure the size with steel tape, and then place the Roof Sheet flat on the ground. When measuring the size with steel tape, it is required to accurately measure the size to mm. When cutting NANOMET Roof Sheet, press the cutting line with a steel ruler. First, press a paper cutter against the steel ruler and gently cut the aluminum foil package on the surface of the Roof Sheet. Then, cut the powder along the cutting line with force, and then cut the aluminum foil package under the insulation felt.

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