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The construction process of NANOMET Roof Sheet should be precisely controlled

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Because the Roof slope of the house is large and there are many ridges, in the construction process of NANOMET Roof Sheet, the elevation of the Roof spine, cornice, tiger window, sink (point) water line and other parts must be accurately controlled, and safety protection measures must be taken. Strictly control the arrangement of NANOMET Roof Sheet, Yin Angle, Yang Angle, end tile and the junction with the Roof structure must be handled well, beware of water leakage, slope Yin Angle line, slope Yang Angle line, cornice line, corner point, sink (points) waterline starting and ending point positioning must be accurate;

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Safety guardrails must be set up around the Roof and reserved holes, and protective measures to prevent falling. The Roof slope is large. During the treatment of NANOMET Roof Sheet and the hanging of shingles, the workers must be strictly informed about the safety technology.

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For the installation of NANOMET Roof Sheet, the safety of the construction should be ensured first. You must wear gloves, safety helmet and other safety facilities, and try to use certified personnel to install it for you, so as to ensure that your installation works are orderly and ensure quality and quantity.

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