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The Metallic Subway Tile body is small and has a high value

Tiempo de liberación: 2021/4/8

Metallic Subway Tile first appeared in the New York subway station built in 1904. The 3x6 inch rectangular white tiles were applied to the subway platform that stretched for miles. This decorative style of small white tiles was designed by architects Geroge C. Heins and Christopher Grant. Co-created by La Farge. So it is called subway brick, of course, some people call it bread brick, small white brick.
The most common subway tile is definitely white, and the surface is mostly glazed, with shiny and matte.

There are also black subway tiles, which are relatively less used and more styled.

The other is the gray subway tiles.

There are few other colors, and colors that are too bright are not suitable for most decoration styles.


Since it is a kind of ceramic tile, the most commonly used space is definitely the kitchen and bathroom space. Kitchens are very common.

Many subway tile applications can also be seen in the bathroom.

Sometimes the bar is also used.

There is also a dry area for the toilet.

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