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The NANOMET Roof Sheet refracts heat by 15 degrees Celsius

Tiempo de liberación: 2022/7/30

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NANOMET Roof Sheet has a good heat insulation effect. The product can reflect the heat and reduce it by almost 15 degrees Celsius. The utilization rate is also high and it can play a decorative role.

heat insulation roof sheet

What problems do you need when installing NANOMET Roof Sheet? Let's take a look.
1. Before installing anti-corrosion and heat insulation NANOMET Roof Sheet, a protective shed should be set up in the installation area and a warning area should be set up to prevent people from falling into a dangerous situation without knowing.
2, because there may be objects falling during the construction, so it is necessary to put up a protective fence to prevent penetration within its scope, to prevent the insulation NANOMET Roof Sheet from falling through important items

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3. Installation of heat insulation NANOMET Roof Sheet belongs to high altitude operation, so the staff need to take certain protective measures when installing heat insulation NANOMET Roof Sheet to avoid themselves from being hurt.
4. The staff who install the NANOMET Roof Sheet should have a physical examination. Only with the examination certificate can they install the heat insulation products, because the people with high blood pressure can not work at height.

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