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The surface of NANOMET Roof Sheet is treated with nano anticorrosion and heat insulation technology

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What is NANOMET Roof Sheet?
Answer: the nano call have different name plate products, have called corrosion protection board, insulating board, nano antisepsis board, insulation board, nano color aluminum plate and so on the different term, but from its structure and composition, called nano anti-corrosion insulation color aluminum plate more accurate, more can reflect the product features outstanding performance.

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Does a NANOMET Roof Sheet bend?
Answer: The substrate of NANOMET Roof Sheet adopts galvanized Sheet as the substrate, but nano anticorrosion and heat insulation technology is applied on its surface. Therefore, the original metal properties of the Sheet remain unchanged, and there are no problems in bending and pressing. Compared with the color steel plate, the anti-corrosion and heat insulation performance of color steel is completely lacking.

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Is it ok to put the NANOMET Roof Sheet outside? Is it afraid of water? Afraid of the sun? Is it heat resistant?
Answer: NANOMET Roof Sheet's nano anticorrosive heat insulation film and galvanized substrate are fused together by nano adhesive through high temperature and high pressure, which is a whole and suitable for -40 degrees to 150 degrees environment. Not afraid of water, not afraid of rowing, can be used in most countries.

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