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How to choose building materials for roof and wall in Foundry / Smelter / High temperature workshop?

What factors need to be considered?

First of all, it must be corrosion-resistant. The roof of the chemical plant has been corroded by chemicals and acid rain for a long time, and is easy to be corroded. Once it is corroded, it will leak water, affecting the production of the enterprise.

The second is to be able to heat insulation. The traditional color steel plate is easy to absorb heat. Under the high temperature weather in summer, the temperature in the plant is too high, which affects the production enthusiasm of workers.



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Anti corrosion Thermal insulation

Multiple international certifications
More functions than ordinary tiles

Not afraid of high temperature

More Suitable For High Temperature Work

We Can Stand All Kinds Of Tests

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NANOMET is founded on 2005,has been in specialized in roofingfor over decade. Initially,our main product is PVC Roof Tile,and it iswidely used in many developing country because ofits advantages.In order to improve our product,we also build up a technical andQC team to control the quality. So our product not only have moreadvantages than traditional metal roof, but also have qualityguarantee for clients. NANOMET-Not Just Roofing But RoofingSolutions.


Comared with ordinary tile,our tile life can reach three times that of ordinary tile

Ordinary PPGI tiles have short service life, no corrosion protection and poorthermal insulation performance. They start to rust after a few years of use. Theyneed to be replaced and maintained for many times, which consumes a lot oflabor,time and materials, increasing the cost.

Our tiles use high-end technology, so that our tiles can reflect 95% of the heatand achieve the effect of heat insulation. The coating on the tile surface makesour tiles anti-corrosion and makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria to adhere to the surface.

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