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Why to choose metal roof as building materials

Published date: 2023/9/13

For farmhouse

It must be resistant to corrosion, high temperature, humidity and gas. The housing surface of the farm has been eroded by acid gas for a long time, and the metal part is very easy to be corroded. Once the roof is corroded, it will leak water, affecting the life of livestock.

For the aquaculture industry, although the color steel plate is cheap, it is corroded by acid gas every day, so it will rust and corrode in less than 3 years. Repair can not solve the essential problem. Therefore the first thing is to find tiles with anti-corrosion performance, and the second thing is to have functions such as sound insulation and heat insulation, so as to provide a relatively constant temperature living environment for poultry and livestock.

For Chemical factory/Foundry / Smelter / High temperature workshop

First of all, it must be corrosion-resistant. The roof of the chemical plant has been corroded by chemicals and acid rain for a long time, and is easy to be corroded. Once it is corroded, it will leak water, affecting the production of the enterprise.

The second is to be able to heat insulation. The traditional color steel plate is easy to absorb heat. Under the high temperature weather in summer, the temperature in the plant is too high, which affects the production enthusiasm of workers.


Strong Acid test Video of metal roof

Strong Acid test Video - YouTube


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